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We collect and analyze machine data to gain deep visibility across your full application and infrastructure stack. We monitor and troubleshoot in real time and improve your security and compliance posture.

Collect and Centralize

  • Collect terabytes of data from any application, cloud, server, network device, or sensor
  • Centralized logging eliminates the need for additional archiving, backups and restores
  • Lightweight collectors and APIs help us easily develop and integrate data sources

Search and Analyze

  • Easily run searches and correlate events in real-time across the full application stack
  • Reduce hundreds of thousands of log events into groups of patterns for faster MTTI (mean time to identify)
  • Use Transaction Analytics to understand the context and flow of events across distributed systems

Monitor and Visualize

  • Real-time dashboards help unify all data streams so we can keep an eye on events that matter
  • Compare status against operational and security KPIs (key performance indicators) to gain visibility into abnormal behaviors
  • Quickly and easily create custom dashboards with bar, pie, line and map charts that support specific use cases, including executive and compliance views

Alert and Notify

  • Use custom alerts to quickly notify you when specific events and outliers are identified across your data streams
  • Proactively notify your team when data deviates from calculated baselines or exceeds thresholds to help address potential issues promptly
  • Alert your team using your existing communication tools

Detect and Predict

  • Analyze thousands of data streams with a single query to determine baselines and identify outliers in real time
  • Machine learning helps detect anomalies so that we can remediate issues more quickly
  • Surface violations that may occur in the future based on linear projections so we can address issues before they impact your business