Insider Threat

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What is Insider Threat?

High profile cases of recent years, such as Morgan Stanley data breach, brought insider threats into spotlight with the new force. Nowadays many more people are aware that the danger exist, but still, not a lot of them are giving it serious attention. Insider attacks can cost companies hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages and remediation costs, but only a select few are doing enough to sufficiently protect themselves.The simplest definition you can give is that insider threats are the type of threat originated from within the organization. They are malicious actions, carried out by people who already have legitimate access to the sensitive data or infrastructure of the company. Malicious activity of such people is often invisible, as it is very hard to distinguish from their normal functions at the company. They can copy, modify or remove sensitive data pertaining to clients, business associates, trade secrets or digital products, plant malicious software or gain control of the critical infrastructure in order to steal or extort money or commit fraud.



We will set up non-intrusive monitoring of employee activity on servers and PCs with enhanced access control to detect fraud, data leaks, and improper digital assets usage.


Perform server user monitoring and audit system settings changes, backdoor account creations, harmful installations and unauthorized privilege escalation.


TSI will help you control access and monitor activity of third-party service providers and remote vendors working within your corporate network, get audit trail for any action. ACTIVITY LOGS

We gather all the needed security data from your computer activity monitoring software and respond adequately to incidents.


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